July 12, 2024
sex with bhabhi
I had sex with married women, but it was okay-okay, I mean sex was good but their looks were not. I hope to meet someone, what about you guys? Have you fucked any Bhabhi?

I have had sex with a married girl, but she used to wear jeans and a shirt, so I never got the feeling of having sex with a Bhabhi, but I have to say that she was an expert in giving Blowjob, once I came thrice in her mouth and she swallowed.

I met a pimp lady and she was a little curvy, she used to wear a transparent nighty when I used to visit her, and we would drink beer also, I wanted to have sex with her, I asked her many times but she kept on resisting, she was in relationship with some guy, she used to call him her husband, but I guess they were in live-in relationship, but still she was quite a Bhabhi that I wanted to fuck, but was not able to.

I also had sex with one other lady and she was also a Bhabhi, she had 3 kids, and her husband was living in another city for work, she was living with her brother-in-law and 3 kids. Her devar introduced me to her, they wanted some money, so the Bhabhi let me fuck her. She was okay, but then she was quite a demand and started asking for gifts and that, was on the first visit only, so I never went to meet her again.

What about you guys? Do you have any sex stories with some Bhabhi? Share in the comment section.

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