July 12, 2024
Bhabhi bathing naked
I saw Bhabhi bathing naked in the bathroom from my bathroom in a apartment building, she was all naked, she had big boobs like mangoes, all wet. I was shaking and I jerked off.

This comes from my own experience, I used to live in a rented apartment with friends. We moved there recently, and I was the first to see a neighbor bhabhi bathing naked. I was in the loo, sitting at the pot minding my own business. In front of my seat was a window; ahead of that was a gap and then the neighbor’s bathroom. Somehow I got to feel that somebody is bathing there, so I turned the lights off in my bathroom as the window was jammed and it didn’t close. Suddenly the window opened in that bathroom and she noticed dark here, so she also didn’t think of anything, she was all naked, she had big boobs like mangoes, she was dusky but very tight. I saw her once in a maroon salwar suit with her husband, he leggings were skin-tight, and I could not help but notice her thick and juicy thighs. I was shaking to see her all naked, I jerked off there, I was literally standing in front of her, but because it was dark, she didn’t notice. I saw her naked many more times. I told about this to my friends and they also checked her out later. But after sometimes she realized as we were giggling here, she closed the window forever. That is why you should not talk about such things to friends, they ruin things.

What about you guys, have you seen any Bhabhi bathing naked?

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